S1E1: Pre-Trip Briefing

    Randall and Siler discuss expectations, goals, and travel philosophies before embarking on their third trip to Southeast Asia. Randall’s plane ticket mysteriously vanishes. . . .

    Welcome to the pilot episode of Switch the Flip! We decided that it would be great to have a joint project to work on as we travel to Asia together this year, and we’ve always wanted to create a podcast!


    Our initial vision is to document our own journey while also sharing the stories of inspiring people we meet along the way.

    So, with bags packed and flights booked, we got together the night before departure to record the pilot episode of Switch the Flip, “Pre-Trip Briefing.”


    In this episode, we discuss a bit of the background for this trip, as well as some context for who we are and what we’re into.


    One of the big topics for this episode is travel philosophies. Do you like to have every last detail of your trip planned? Or are you the type of traveler who prefers to leave things more open-ended? Can two people with opposing travel philosophies get along on the road, or will they butt heads?


    We also chat about some of our past adventures, our future goals, and our expectations for the upcoming trip. Randall visited Sri Lanka in 2019, but Siler has absolutely no idea what he’s getting himself into!


    Listen in and join us for the ride.


    Note – at the time of recording, we actually hadn’t settled on a name for this project. You’ll hear us mention “Shine Tribe” during this episode, which was an early option for the title.

    Speakers In this episode:

    Randall Head

    Randall had a good run at the corporate life (Blizzard Entertainment), but a series of devastating personal losses made him realize that NOW is the only time to live. Through music, yoga, surfing, and travel, he’s since been able to craft a life that’s anything but ordinary

    Siler Head

    An impromptu trip to India in 2015 illuminated Siler’s path, lighting the way to Alaska, Hawaii, and Southeast Asia. As his personal practice deepened, Yoga revealed itself as the natural outlet for all of his creative energies and ignited a passion to share with the world.

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